Every German Wastes 55 Kg Food Per Year!


Food waste across the world has been a big concern. Governments and various organizations have been trying long to find ways to cut down it to a minimum level. Some countries have taken measures to this end. Now Germany has taken a new approach to tackle this unpleasant issue. Under the new initiative, the government plans to bring food waste down by half to the present level by 2030.

According to a new research, every consumer in Germany on average abandons 55 kg (120 pounds) food a year. In the wake of this findings, the country has very recently taken the strategy to address this disgusting matter.

In Germany per year 11 million tons of food are wasted, says the research findings. With the initiative, the authority concerned will urge all parties like households, food producers, retailers and the restaurant industry to take voluntary steps to help cut food wasting.

German Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Minister told a local news media that this new government push will help the country meet UN and EU set targets regarding food wasting. The minister also said that new government research was trying to invent ‘intelligent food packaging’. Source : AFP

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