You Know When Your Self Confidence Remains Highest?

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We all want to be in high confidence in all dealings. But is it really possible to hold self-confidence highest or at expected level always? Then why not? Is there anything biological related to it? Yes, that’s the point. A recent study has found a quite biological link to self-confidence. You will surely get surprised by knowing it. The research claims that at the age of 60, human beings’ self confidence level reaches the peak. And that level remains the same till 70. But does that mean that after that age, our self-confidence level starts to diminish? Not necessarily as its level continue to change throughout life, says the research findings.

The researchers have done the study by assessing 191 previous studies to know how self confidence level changes throughout lifetime. The findings of the study have recently been published in the Psychological Bulletin.

In the research, it has been found that the level of self-confidence continues to rise throughout one’s lifetime. But it also sees some drops at certain stage of life. In doing the study, the scientists have noticed some interesting things. They found that self confidence level ceases to hike between the ages of 11-15. But it grows quickly over the initial years of one’s adulthood.

The researchers also found that after 70 years of age, our self confidence level may start to experience a bit decrease. But that might not be true in all cases as many individuals appear to be really confident even in their 90s. The most important and exciting thing found in the study is that human beings’ self-confidence levels continue rising throughout their life.

Finally, what’s the secret behind feeling most confident at 60s? According to the researchers, the reason is at this stage of life, one fully embraces oneself and nothing could bother them at all. Source : TOI

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