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    Application for British Council FREE ONLINE Courses GOING ON!

    Students can apply and take part in British Council Free online courses in this time of novel coronavirus pandemic. Pic : collected

    Making Use of Time Amid Corona Pandemic

    Application for British Council FREE ONLINE Courses GOING ON!

    Planet Desk | 02 April 2020 | 11:34 am

    Hundreds of millions of people including students are now staying home in the time of ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. During stay at home, people can get themselves involved in various activities. Students can as well do and take part in lots of useful programs or courses to enhance their employable skills. For students from around the globe, British Council has brought a huge opportunity to avail. They have offered free online courses and application process to participate in the program is now open.

    Interested applicants will be able to study free online courses from top UK Universities. The British Council courses allow students from every corner of the world to develop their English and discover British culture.

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    Benefits of the Program : Except no course fees, there are other benefits attached to the program such as no registration fee and in some cases free certificates. But if one wants to get digital certificate, one needs to make pay for that.
    Eligibility & Eligible Regions : Students with any sort of qualifications like school or higher degree and graduates are eligible to apply and take part in the free courses. They can be from any country from any corner of the world

    Application Process : Application method to take part in any course is very simple. Application must be made online or in other words one just needs to enroll in their preferred course.

    Application Link : Interested students are asked to use the below link to forward their applications :

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