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    World’s First  Female Artificial News Anchor

    The female AI news reader Xin Xiaomeng

    World’s First Female Artificial News Anchor

    Planet Desk | 24 February 2019 | 4:08 pm

    With the fast advancement of science and technology, we are constantly witnessing innovative devices and inventions in all fields. The world’s second largest economy China is leading this on many fronts. In November last year, the country launched world’s first male AI (Artificial Intelligence) news anchor named Qiu Hao that can copy human facial expression and mannerisms while reading out news. Now the country has unveiled the world’s first ever female AI news reader that’s similar to the male AI anchor in terms of abilities. This AI anchor named Xin Xiaomeng is going to make its professional debut in March when China’s National Legislature will be sat, reports state owned New Agency Xinhua.

    The female AI news reader is modeled or designed on China’s state run TV channel Xinhua’s real life journalist Qu Meng. This artificial anchor, developed jointly by Xinhua and Tech firm Sogua Inc., can read news as natural as a human professional anchor. It, recently being on display at the World Internet Conference held in the eastern Chinese city of Wuzhen, will work for state run TV Xinhua.

    China has become one of the global leaders in AI developments. The country is commercially using AI technologies in several fields such as finance, healthcare, servicing and manufacturing among others. It has also got ambitious plans to advance and show to the world its skills and capacities in AI technology from surveillance to self driving cars. The female AI anchor, which according to authority will reduce news production costs and improve efficiency in case of emergency, is part of that push.


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