Want To Get Fluency In English? Practice Delexical Verbs (part 3)

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There are some common verbs like ‘have’, take, go, make, do’ which are called Delexical verbs. They are used with certain particular nouns where they have very little meaning of their own. In other words, in these sentence structures, most of the meaning is found in the noun, not in the verb (delexical one). In addition, the particular noun, not the verb, carries the meaning. The knowledge and understanding of delexical verbs is very important in learning and having fluency in English as these structures are very common in the language. Remember, little things in all cases play vital role, so does dexical verb in spoken English. The usages of the delexical verb ‘go’ are given below :
A. We use go as a delexical verb with certain –ing verbs. Look at the examples below :
1. Shall we go swimming this afternoon? Or (shall we go for a swim this afternoon?)
2. My parents aren’t at home now. They have gone shopping.
3. I am feeling bored today. Let’s go watching movie this evening.
Some other examples :
1. My father usually goes walking at the weekend.
2. My father goes running every evening after supper.
3. We are not at home now. We have gone shopping at Jamuna Future Park.
Look, we use ‘go for a’ with noun verbs (those formed by certain verbs placing article a or an before them) meaning movement. See the sentences below :
1. Do you want to go for a jog this evening? Or (Do you want to go jogging this evening?)
2. Can we go for a swim this weekend?
3. Can we go for a short stroll after office?
4. The two brothers discussed on the matter when they went for a walk last night.
5. Let us go for a run at the weekend.

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