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    4 Key Ways To Make Questions

    Planet Desk | 12 February 2019 | 10:18 pm

    Having skills to form or make questions is an important part of getting fluency in English. Many of us may have quite fluency in English. But when it comes to making questions, most of us likely struggle. Therefore it is very very important to learn and know ways how to make questions. Well, there are basically 4 key ways or methods to make questions. That means we can make question following these 4 ways.

    First one is using auxiliary verbs like do, does, has, have, are, were and others. Look at the question : do u love me? In the sentence, auxiliary verb is do. It’s very easy. The second way is applying question words like what, when, where, how and others, one can form questions easily. See the example : what do u want from me? The third method is using tag questions to make questions. Look at the sentence : u are okay, aren’t u? In the sentence, the tag question is ‘aren’t u? Note that, in positive sentences we use negative tag and vis-à-vis. And the fourth method to make questions is using intonation. Using this way, u can turn a positive sentence into a question. In that case, u just need to raise ur voice or tone at the end of sentence.

    To know more about the ways, please watch the video and practice accordingly. Hopefully, ur problems with making questions will surely be fixed. Good luck!

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