STUDY in Finland with Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

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Do you have any wishes to study abroad in Finland? Then there is a huge chance for you as application is now open for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarships program 2020-21! This two year program offers an excellent international program of study which is globally unique and highly attractive due to various activities. The last date to post application is this March 1.

The Erasmus Mundus program is fee-based meaning students have to pay participation costs to the EMLex consortium for each semester. In return, the consortium pays for costs arising in the course of the studies like tuition and administration fees, health insurance, library fees, etc. In addition, it organizes a supporting program. All students have to sign a Student Agreement before the beginning of their studies.

Number of scholarships : EMLex provides 15 scholarships for the intake of 2020/21. Depending on the home university, course will start either in September or October 2020. 75% of the scholarships are given to partner country students and the rest 25% are given to program country students.

Scholarship Partner Countries : non-EU countries with the exception of Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

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Program Countries : 28 EU member states + Turkey, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Liechtenstein and Iceland.
If you come from a partner country and have carried out your main activities (studies, work, training) in any program country for at least 12 months in total during the previous five years, you are considered as an applicant from a program country.

The participation costs : The scholarship participation costs are as follows :
1. For students from partner countries, the cost is 4,500 € per semester
2. And for students from program countries, the cost stands at 2,250 € per semester.
Benefits of the scholarship : The following benefits are attached to the program which includes :
1. Contribution to subsistence costs: 1,000 € per month for the entire duration of the study.
2. contribution to travel and installation costs:
3. 1,000 € per year for travel costs and others.

Eligibilities : These conditions apply to both Erasmus Mundus students with and without a scholarship (self-financing basis) :
Degree requirements : must have a Higher Educational Institution (HEI) degree in the areas of (Computational/Applied) Linguistics, (Foreign) Languages, Translation, Communication/Media, Book Studies / Library and Information Science and or other relevant disciplines, subject to the consent of and the approval by the Consortium’s admission committee.
Note that If your HEI degree is still in progress, you may nevertheless submit an application. The restriction, in this case, will be that the HEI degree certificate is available before the start of the EMLex study course.
Language requirements: Instruction languages are English and German as lectures will always be held in one of these languages. Language skills must be proven by the respective language certificates. In other words, candidates must show their language efficiency in either English or German.

Ways to apply : Interested persons need to apply online using the below official link :

For further details regarding requirements and others, one can visit the website at

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