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    Top 10 Universities In The World Right Now

    Law campus of Tsinghua University

    Times Higher Education Rankings 2019

    Top 10 Universities In The World Right Now

    Planet desk | 11 March 2019 | 4:48 pm

    To assess world’s best universities, the Times Higher Education makes a rankings of them annually. This year’s rankings have been published recently where more than 1250 universities from 86 countries represented from around the world. The ranking is made based on 13 parameters including their teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. Like last year, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge take the first two spots respectively. Unsurprisingly, 7 universities in the top ten of the table are from the USA.

    The top ten universities in the times higher education rankings are University of Oxford (first), University of Cambridge (2nd), Stanford University (3rd), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (4th), California Institute of Technology (5th), Harvard University (6th), Princeton University (7th), Yale University (8th), Imperial College London (9th) and University of Chicago (10th).

    China for the first time takes the lead in the rankings of Asian universities. Tsinghua University in Beijing is the top university in this region, taking 22nd position. Overall, 72 universities from China are named in this year’s global university table, making it the fourth most represented nation in the list behind the UK. The USA is the most represented nation meaning this country has got most universities in the ranking followed by Japan with 103 universities.

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