Book Readers Are Good lovers, Finds A Study

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Do you love reading books? Have a fascination for collecting books? Then there is a good news for you. According to a study, those who love to read books tend to be good lovers and partners.

Not only that readers being good lovers or partners, there are several other benefits or advantages that come from reading habit.

As per other several researches, those who read books regularly are better humans, good listeners, sensitive to others needs, have better brains among many others.

The study done in 2016 by University of Sussex found that if one reads books for just 6 minutes, it reduces his or her stress level up to 68 percent! As per the findings, book reading can soothe readers’ nerves and can help them be more relaxed and calm in nature.

In addition to that, another study done by famous British neuroscientist, author Baroness Susan Greenfield showed that reading regularly increases human beings attention level and improve our ability to focus. Thus readers’ imaginable level is also higher.

There are other benefits from reading. Another study found that book readers have better memory also. This fact is proven by professor Ken Pugh at Yale University. Reading regularly from a young age can even help counter Alzheimer’s Disease, showed a study by the Archives of Neurology in Berkeley.

British Neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield conducted a research in 2009 that showed reading is good for our mental and physical health. The study revealed that a reader’s brain can actually experience the sound, scenery, smell and taste that are described in the pages of a book. Oxford professor John Stein also found out that regular reading makes our brains function better.

More interestingly, a study done in 2006 found that book lovers are generally open-minded and sensitive, and actually make for wonderful life partners. They are sensitive to their partner’s needs and are good listeners.

Except all mentioned above, readers are generally patient people, get better sleep at night, calmer, more perceptive and empathetic to other’s feelings. Source : Times of India

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