World’s Most and Least livable Cities

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Do you know which city in the world is the most livable? Vienna, the capital of European country Austria, is the most livable city in the world, according to London based research firm Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Global Livability index 2019. And which metropolis is the least livable globally? It is Damascus, the capital city of war-ravaged Syria.

The index is compiled involving 140 cities from across the world in terms of their stability, culture and environment, education, health care and infrastructure. The top city Vienna has made almost perfect scores in all the indicators.

In the index, Vienna has remained at the top for second year in a row. Following Vienna in the top five are Melbourne (2nd), Sydney (3rd), Osaka (4th Japan), Calgary (5th, Canada). Australia, Canada and Japan take majority of the top ten most livability cities in the table. Despite having said that, Europe has performed well overall in the list taking 8 spots in the top 20. Among Northern European Cities ranked in the table, Copenhagen takes 10th spot, Zurich 11th, Frankfurt 12th, Geneva 14th, Berlin 21st and Luxembourg 23rd.

In the index, there are several European cities such as London, ranked 48th and Paris drops six notches to at 26th.

Interestingly Honolulu is the top ranked US city in the table, taking 22nd spot. Some other US cities like Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Washington, DC managed to stay in the top 40 while Chicago is ranked at 41, New York at 58. And other cities from Asia, Hong Kong is placed at 38, Singapore 40 and Dubai at 70.

On the other hand, Damascus is marked as the world’s least livable city followed by Lagos (Nigeria), and Dhaka (Bangladesh), at 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Other cities at the bottom ten include Karachi, Tripoli, Harare and Caracas.

World’s top ten most livable cities : 1. Vienna, Austria 2. Melbourne, Australia 3. Sydney, Australia 4. Osaka, Japan 5. Calgary, Canada 6. Vancouver, Canada 7. Toronto, Canada 7. Tokyo, Japan 9. Copenhagen, Denmark 10. Adelaide, Australia.
World’s least livable cities : 1. Damascus, Syria 2. Lagos, Nigeria 3. Dhaka, Bangladesh 4. Tripoli, Libya 5. Karachi, Pakistan 6. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 7. Harare, Zimbabwe 8. Douala, Cameroon 9. Algiers, Algeria 10. Caracas, Venezuela. Source : CNN

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