Work 100 Percent Perfectly Bad For Your Career!

Finds A Research By University of Florida Professor rBrain Swinder

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We may all try to give nearly 100 percent effort at work to perform our duties or assigned tasks. Some of us even go extra mile at their job and feel proud about that. These types of employees or workers are called ‘Perfectionists’.

Such ‘perfectionists’ employees may think that they r going in the right direction in terms of professional success. But according to a new research, perfectionists are wrong as perfectionism at work in fact may carry negatives and it can have detrimental effects on both personal and professional life.

University of Florida professor rBrain Swinder carried out the study in assistance from Miami University and Georgia Institute of Technology researchers. They analyzed findings of other past studies on the same subject and found that the desire to achieve 100 percent perfection at workplace may be an employee’s weakness.

What The Research Findings Are : 

According to the study, perfectionists are likely to hold uncompromising mindset and very much higher standards for themselves. Therefore they usually do not feel satisfaction about their achievements and try to focus more on what they have not achieved which ultimately places pressure or stress on their mental and physical heath and wellbeing.

As one of the researchers said, ‘Perfectionists don’t enjoy their achievements but focus on what they haven’t achieved, and this is problematic.’

The research as well states that being a perfectionist of course has positive sides with they being 100 percent dedicated to their work, holding higher levels of motivation and awareness about everything. As a result, their bosses or managers may always turn to them and ask them to solve issues whenever things go wrong.

Yet interestingly the research suggests that perfectionism at work might not place any positive impacts on workers’ professional success.

The research findings can be a guideline for managers or chief executives as to encourage their inferiors not to take excess stress while performing work quite perfectly because workers’ wellbeing ultimately relates to company’s success.

What Advice For Perfectionists From Researchers : 

The possible advice to workers from the researchers is that try to be ‘good enough’ at work as being able to perform duty as required without extra stress is an indicator of perfect or efficient employee.

Having said that, one should not refrain from improving his or her skills, working hard and riding up the corporate ladder. Again mental and physical wellbeing must be taken into consideration as staying safe and sound in health terms can deliver required service.

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