Why NOT CHINA as Your Study Abroad Destination

The world’s most populous country with more than 1.4 billion people, China is fast becoming one of the most favorite destinations for international students. The country is at third position globally in attracting international students, preceded by the USA and UK. According to China’s Ministry of Education, a record 4,92,000 foreign students got admitted in Chinese universities last year. The main reasons behind this are steady growing standards of Chinese universities plus their noticeable global standings in several university rankings as well as global acceptance of their degrees.

Here are some key facts why international students can pick China as study abroad destination :

Ambitious plan for development of higher education : China now spends about 4 percent of its GDP on education which is helping the overall development of higher education. With an aim of taking the standards of higher education system to world class level, the country has undertaken an ambitious five year plan up to 2020. This plan is already reaping its benefits as more and more international students are choosing the country for their higher education destination. Under the plan, China has a target of attracting 5 lakh international students by 2020 which is well on course as according to statistics of the government, about 4,90,000 foreign students enrolled in Chinese universities in 2017 as mentioned earlier. So if you have plans to go abroad for higher education, then why not China for you?

No.1 study abroad destination in Asia : Now officially China is Asia’s top country for overseas study. According to local media WomenofChina, In 2018, more than 492,000 international students from 196 countries came to China to study at 1,004 universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, and other educational agencies.

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Affordable living cost and low tuition fees: Over the last few years, China has invested huge amount of money in the development of higher education standard with the results of which being visible now as international students are flocking to the country lured by the quality and global prospects of Chinese degrees. The cost of living is quite lower in comparison to many western countries like the US and UK, Australia, Canada etc. Moreover, university tuition fees are also affordable in most of the universities. For instance, international students average spend around $4k US for accommodation and about $2k US for other living costs such as food, transportation etc. per year. When it comes to tuition fees, it varies substantially depending on several things like type of university, location of institution or residence, lifestyle etc. Well, the average tuition fees in public universities range between about $3k to $10k per year. But the fee is quite higher in private universities (both local and offshore campuses of foreign universities) and for programs like medicine, engineering and business. Yet as there are several government scholarship schemes for international students, tuition fees will automatically go down significantly.

Standard and rankings of Chinese universities on the rise : Chinese universities are gradually and strongly building their positions in world university rankings. In the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2019, there are 7 universities from mainland China placed in the top 25 universities. Overall that number stands at 13 given universities from its autonomous regions Hong Kong and Taiwan. And the latest QS world university rankings 2020 placed two Chinese universities in the top 25 universities. Overall 19 Chinese universities managed to take their slots in the top 200 universities worldwide. But the number in 2016 was just 12 which indicate that Chinese universities are increasing their presence in the global standings.

Learning Mandarin first hand has many advantages : As the world’s second largest economy, China holds huge importance and attention in the business world. So choosing China as your study abroad destination will surely enable you to learn local language ‘Chinese Mandarin’ in practical environment. This first-hand learning and knowledge of the world’s most spoken language will definitely open many doors to your career as knowledge and understanding of Chinese Mandarin has high demand globally, particularly in the western business world.

Belt and Road Initiative, a boost for students & graduates : China’s ambitious and far reaching ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ looks to boost relations between China and 65 countries & regions spreading across Asia, Europe and Africa. So the demand for graduates with Chinese degree and experience is high as they will be highly sought after to lead key projects in the countries along the initiative.
Here to mention that, of the 489,000 students enrolled in Chinese universities in 2017, 317,200 of them were from a number of Belt and Road Initiative countries like Bangladesh, Iran, Indonesia, Laos, Pakistan and Thailand.

Government Scholarships for foreign students : Chinese government has established a scholarship scheme for international students which provides them with full or partial funding for tuition fees, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These scholarships are applicable to programs at any degree level. Foreign students are taking the advantage of government scholarship and coming to the country in great numbers for higher study. For instance, about 63k international students received such scholarship in 2018.

Final words : No country in the world holds so many prospects and advantages for international students like China. Given the above facts, prospects and opportunities, potential students can choose China as their favorite study abroad destination and thus reap the offers of it for world class degree and bright future, both home and abroad.

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