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    Who R Most Addicted To Social Media?

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    Who R Most Addicted To Social Media?

    Planet Desk | 05 February 2019 | 1:15 am

    With the continuous advancement of technology and invention of innovative devices plus the need of time, more and more people are going online, particularly using social media. But do u know who or which country’s people are the most addicted to social platform? It is the Philippines whose people spent most time online in the year 2018.

    Filipinos an average spent 10 hours and 2 minutes a day online last year. Also of the amount of time, they spent 4 hrs and 12 minutes per day on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Interestingly, Japanese spent the least time online. They spent an average just 36 minutes a day on social media. But worldwide that time was 6 hrs and 42 minutes. That’s according to a survey done by jointly social media management platform Hootsuite & digital marketing agency We Are Social. A report called Digital 2019 Report on the survey has been published recently.

    According to the report, Brazil came second among the countries surveyed with 9 hrs and 29 minutes, followed by Thailand ranked at 3rd with 9 hrs & 11 minutes. With 9 hrs Colombia stood at 4th and Indonesia with 8 hrs & 36 minutes at 5th.

    As per the report, globally the average time spent online per day last year was 6 hrs & 42 minutes.
    The report also said that among the countries surveyed, people in Japan spent the least time online which was just 3 hrs & 45 minutes a day. The average time spent online in the USA, China & the UK were 6 hrs & 31 minutes, 5 hrs & 52 minutes and 5 hrs & 46 minutes respectively.

    Expectedly, social media took majority share of time spent online by people worldwide. Of the time they spent online, Filipinos spent an average 4 hrs & 12 minutes a day on social media while worldwide the average was 2 hrs & 16 minutes.

    The report as well mentioned that globally 57 percent of the people now use the internet. Source : CNN

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