What Pop Up, Silver Bullet, At Odds & Narrow Down Mean

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PHRASE in ENGLISH is a big part of the language. If one wants to learn the language properly and fully, he or she needs to have a good command over it. They have lots of applications both in written and spoken communications. In today’s part, let us try to get a deep UNDERSTANDING and USAGES on the four following phrases :

A. Pop-up  : This phrase can be used both as adjective and verb.
Meanings as an Adjective : Used to describe a shop, restaurant, etc. that operates temporarily and only for a short period when it is likely to get a lot of customers. Look at the examples :

1 : A pop up testing site for Covid-19 has been set up near our office to facilitate examinations for its staff.
2. Pop up shops during annual fair comes handy for visitors and vis-à-vis organizers.

Meanings as a Verb : Appear or Occur Suddenly. See the examples below :
1. Earthquakes can pop up as climate change is going on fast across the world.
2. Memories from childhood relations may pop up periodically.
Verb Synonyms : appear, occur suddenly/abruptly, come into view/sight.

B. Silver Bullet
Meanings : A simple and seemingly magical solution to a complex problem. Look at the example :

1. The World Health Organization warned on August 2 that there might never be a silver bullet for Covid-9 coronavirus.
2. There is no silver bullet to terrorism going on across the globe as it’s clearly a political issue.

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C. At Odds
Meanings : In disagreement, in conflict, in opposition to (something) etc. See the sentences given below :
1. I sometimes come at odds with the boss on issues ranging from idea, work plans to ways of implementation.
2. Several secretaries and advisers on Trump administration are at odds with the President self over ways to effectively curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.
3. I do not see any reasons why you should remain at odds with most of your friends.

D. Narrow Down
Meanings : Reduce the number of possibilities or choices or something. Look at the sentences below :
1. Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has narrowed down his VP choices, reports CNN.
2. The police is working to narrow down the list of suspected terrorists behind the grenade attack near parliament building last week.
3. The selection board has narrowed down the final candidates for the job to just five. (narrow something down to something)

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