Ways To Offset A Bad Day At Office

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We all, more or less, sometimes go through bad mood at office for several reasons ranging from family issues, health conditions to work related matters. Well, elevating bad mood or getting rid of it rests upon us.

Followings are seven simple-yet-effective mood boosters that will help you up your mood and improve your productivity :

Scroll Through Your Phone’s Photo Gallery :  The next time you are feeling low, simply open your phone’s photo gallery and scroll through the pictures of your last vacation, friends and family members and all the ones that pop up happy memories in your head. As per a research done in the United Kingdom, viewing photographs of happy moments helps to uplift a person’s mood and make him or her feel better.

Going for a Walk : According to science, walking is always good for both health and mind. When it comes to bad mood, it also plays a role to elevate it. Going by studies, people who take a walk during a short break and get sunlight exposure tend to have better sleep and more importantly are very much productive at work.

Throwing Unnecessary Things Off Desk : Is your office desk where you work regularly is cluttered meant full of unwanted things and all of them lying in an untidy way? Then it could be a possible reason for the bad mood in you. To get relief of it, you just need to Organize your documents, put the unwanted things into bin and clean your work desk which will ultimately help you put your brain at ease and in turn, make you feel better.

Using Soothing Perfume : Try inhaling the calming scent of your favorite perfume, aromatic candle or the diffuser at your workplace. There is a high probability it would help to distract you from whatever is bothering you and make you feel refreshed.

Listening To Music : There have been several researches on how music can help to uplift a person’s mood. Your favorite song can actually help to unplug from everything around you and make you feel better within a few minutes. Also, there are several genres including classical, pop, soft rock, smooth jazz etc. that helps one to relax and feel lighter.

Talking To Friends Or Sharing Thoughts : Talking or sharing thoughts is a good therapy to get out of feeling bad. While in a bad mood, just call your best friend and talk to him or her with the heart open. Simply Talk to them about your past happy memories and cut few jokes. Going for a trip to some unknown places during weekend could also be relieving.

Think Positive, Be Positive : Do not think that you are only one going through problems in your surroundings. There are lots of others with probably the same difficulties. So think about the positive things you have got and get rid of all the negative thoughts or feelings. To start with, Make a habit to count your blessings and start practicing gratitude, especially on bad days.

Final Notes : First of all, we need to be positive in our thinking alongside following right ways to offset bad mood at office. Well, It is also true that not all days will be same. So sometimes we need to get accustomed to it by following effective means.

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