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    Bees & Fish Can Talk To Each Other!

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    Bees & Fish Can Talk To Each Other!

    Planet desk | 26 March 2019 | 11:42 pm

    Fishes and bees can now be able to talk to each other? You got surprised by learning this information? Yes, it’s true. Scientists have developed a system that allow this two different species communicate with each other. This technology can be called a walkie-talkie for animals. Such a system has been shown recently by a group of scientists at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA.

    To make communication possible between fishes and bees, scientists have used specially designed tiny robots and terminals. Swimming robots are placed into a group of fish and terminals set among a colony of bees. By using robots and terminals, researchers detect bio-signals from each of this two animals. Then these signals are translated into a language that each of this two separate animals could understand.

    This is the first such development where two different types of animals have been able to interact with each other. On this breakthrough, Simon Garnier, a complex systems biologist at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, told journal The Scientist that ‘through the various information exchanges among each other, the two groups of animals gradually come to a shared decision.’ Source : Mail Online

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