Various Useful Meanings & Uses Of The Preposition ‘With’ (2nd part)

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Preposition plays an important and essential role in proper and correct English learning. In ‘Learning English Daily’ section, we have so far discussed various uses of several prepositions like in, at, on, upon, by etc. In today’s session, we will have a discussion on various useful meanings & uses of the preposition ‘with’.
Various useful uses & meanings of the preposition ‘with’ have been discussed below :
a. With is used for ‘showing separation from something/somebody’. see the examples below : 
1. I could never part with my village which is invaluable to me.
2. Can you part ways with your current girlfriend as I think she is a bit doubtful of the relationship.

b. As a preposition, ‘With’ is used to mean ‘in opposition to somebody/something; against somebody/something.’ See the examples below :
1. Pakistan are playing with West Indies today at the Oval in London in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.
2. Who is playing with whom today in the ongoing French Open Tournament?
3. Pakistan and India fought with each other in February for a short period of time over terror attack on Indian Paramilitary forces personnel.
4. I had an heated argument with my boss yesterday over salary hike.
c. with as a preposition is used to mean ‘when considering one fact in relation to another’. See the examples below :
1. I won’t be able to attend the programme with I have got an exam on the same date.
2. It would be tough for him to help us with all the family commitments he has.
3. He is not supposed to be turning out successful with all the hardship he has gone through.

d. As a preposition, with means ‘including’. Look at the examples :
1. This reading table with a chair will cost you about 5k Taka.
2. The meal with wine came to $20 each.
3. With all the lesson preparation I have to work 12 hours a day.
4. The house rent with all utility bills will be around 15k taka.

e. with as a preposition is used to show the way in which somebody does something. See the sentences below :
1. My daughter usually reads with low voice.
2. You need to work with eyes on all your surroundings.
3. He behaved with great dignity.
4. Don’t stand with hands in pockets.
5. You always need to cross roads with eyes open.
f. As a preposition, ‘with’ is used to mean ‘because of; as a result of something’. See the examples below :
1. I just got blushed with embarrassment.
2. We were all frightened with sudden blackout at deep night.
3. People who sleep under open air just get numb with cold during cold wave.
4. My friend Karim got hopeless and desperate with sudden job loss.

g. As a preposition, with is used to mean ‘because of something and as it happens’. Look at the examples below :
1. Knowledge grows with constant learning.
2. Skills on anything come with constant practice.

h. When used as a preposition, ‘With’ also means ‘in the same direction as something’. Look at the sentences :
1. The fish is running with the boat. (meaning the fish is running in the same direction as the boat is moving)
1. Water hyacinth usually moves with the current.
i. As a preposition, with is also used ‘to show who has possession of something or responsibility for something’. Look at the sentences below :
1. The keys to the room are with reception.
2. Leave the care of your children with me during holiday. or Leave your children with me over your holiday.

So keep browsing your favorite education and information focus platform for other related lessons on prepositions. Keep practicing this lesson to get a good command over the different meanings of the preposition ‘with.

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