Usain Bolt Tested Positive For Coronavirus

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Usain Bolt, the world record holder Jamaican sprinter in 100m & 200m and multiple Olympic gold medalist, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Bolt’s agent Ricky Simms ON August 24 confirmed his positive test to media, reports CNN.  The 34 year old sprinter is an asymptomatic case to the covid-19 disease as he’s got no symptoms now.

Earlier on August 22, the world known sprinter had taken the test in spite of not being showing any symptoms following own 34th birth day party held on the previous day.

Since the day sample for the test was provided, the sprinter has not only gone into isolation himself but also urged others who were close to him at the birth day party.

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Meantime, the Jamaican government has issued warning that the runner won’t be spared unpunished if social distancing measures are breached at his birthday party.

The country’s Health & wellness minister Dr. Christopher Tufton said in a virtual press conference on the day, ‘it is now public knowledge that Mr. Bolt has been tested positive.’

The minister added, ‘he (Usain Bolt) has been formally notified by the authorities and in keeping with standard protocols once there is a positive case, irrespective of the individual, it triggers an approach to questioning, interrogation if you will, which would then follow through with contact tracing.’

Prior to the test result, Bolt had posted a video on social media earlier on the day in which he said, ‘I did a test on Saturday because I have work. I’m trying to be responsible so I’m going to stay in and stay in for my friends. Also, I’m having no symptoms.’

He had also made a plea to his followers and others to stay home and be safe.

According to worldometer data, Jamaica has now at least 2,011 positive cases with 19 deaths.

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