USA Scholarship For Women

Application for the International Women Scholarship (ISW) for the 2021-2022 session is now underway.

This is a USA scholarship that offers the opportunity for women to study at undergraduate, graduate and Doctoral level programs at universities in the country.

The ISW scholarship financed by SheBegan Women’s Magazine and existing from 1998 is open for women from any country but those from Iran. The last date to apply is December 28, 2020.

For the scholarship, preference is usually given to the women with prior proven dedication to the charitable or volunteering work for empowering women in their specific fields.

Besides, the women having professional, community, or civic work background also carry the chance to get the scholarship which is fully funded by the above entity.

Eligibilities : Prospective recipients should meet the following criteria to get entitled to the scholarship :
1. For enrollment application on master’s program, having an educational grade (received abroad or in the U.S.) equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the U.S.
2. Having a degree equivalent to a master’s degree in the U.S. to apply for a doctoral scale program
3. Holding a valid doctoral degree to apply for a post-doctorate position.
4. Committed to dedicate self to the intended educational plan, if selected. A commitment letter needs to be signed by the candidate upon receiving the ISW Scholarship.
5. Having desire to go back to home nation to take up a professional occupation.
6. Being competent in English. If the candidate is from non-English speaking country, she needs to demonstrate evidence as being fluent in English like IELTS valid Certificate or others.

Application must be made through the official link which is

Application form is also available on the link above. As mentioned earlier, the deadline for application is December 28 this year. So there is still 120 days left!

For further details, one can visit the link at

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