USA Corona Cases Cross 4.5 Million

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The USA is on a non-stop run to see more and more coronavirus cases as the country has recorded 41,225 new cases and 823 reported deaths till 3:15 p.m. ET local time July 31, according to Johns Hopkins University.

With that, the USA has now at least 4,536,240 cases and 152,878 deaths by the virus, as per the university data.

Of the states in the country, California now has the highest number of corona cases with 452,288, according to the state’s health department website.

Then Florida has the second highest number with a total of 423,855 cases followed by New York which has 411,736 total positive cases as of July 26 local time.

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To note, the country first recorded its corona case on January 21 this year.

According to the World Health Organization, the total number of cases that have been reported to the organization from around the globe is now 17,106,007 with at least 668,910 deaths.

There were 292,527 new Covid-19 cases reported to the World Health Organization in the last 24 hours ill July 31, according to a situation report published on the day.

The figure is the highest daily spike in new cases reported to the agency so far since the pandemic began. The previous record daily spike was 284,196 recorded on July 24.

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