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    Razia Sultana

    Updates From Around The World

    Planet Desk | 10 March 2019 | 5:11 pm

    1. What is the theme of this years’ International Women’s Day?
    Ans : ‘Think equal, be equal; let’s march forward, shoulder to shoulder’.
    2. A Myanmar origin Bangladeshi woman lawyer has recently been awarded the united states’ ‘International Women of Courage’ award. What’s her name?
    Ans : Razia Sultana. This year 10 women including Razia Sultana has been given this award. Lawyer Razia got the award for her work with Rohingya refugees.
    3. Who is the oldest living person in the world now?
    Ans : Japanese Kane Tanaka (116). She has been recognized as so by Guinness World Records on March 9 this year.
    4. According to a ranking made by UK based engineering firm RS Components, which countries are the most innovative in science and innovation in the world?
    Ans : USA (1), Israel (2) and South Korea (3).
    5. How many persons and institutions are getting this year’s Independence Award?
    Ans : 13 persons and one institution. The name of the institute is Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA)



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