University Admission/Job Test Prep : English

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We put up today some MCQ type questions on English for our visitors, particularly those seeking job and university admission to help them prepare for their respective competitive exams.

  1. Which following word does not match or not synonyms to the word ‘Invaluable’?
    A. Extremely useful B. indispensable C. Crucial D. Sensible.
  1. Which of the following nouns have singular form only?
    A. Information B. knowledge C. Wealth D. Homework
  1. What’s the antonym to the word ‘Eloquent’?
    A. Fluent B. Skilled C. Seasoned D. Rookie
  1. What does the word ‘Demit’ mean?
    A. Resign B. Vomit C. Demise D. Disband
  1. Which of the following sentences is in correct form?
    A. If you would accompany us, then you could meet the delegates.
    B. Bangladesh have made 350 runs in their first innings in the first test against the host Sri Lanka.
    C. Home furniture are always high priced.
    D. The baggage you are carrying are over-weight.
  1. What does the word ‘Indispensible’ mean?
    A. Extremely necessary B. A bit Necessary C. Zero Necessary D. Lowly Essential

  1. Which of the following spellings is incorrect?
    A. Mediterranean B. Gynaecologist C. Pneumonia D. Diabetic

  1. What does the word ‘sun-kissed’ mean?
    A. Having plenty of sunlight
    B. Light coming straight from the sun
    C. Shortage of light
    D. None

  1. Which of the following sentence is correct in terms of grammar use?
    A. We are accustomed to eating a bit hot food.
    B. My younger brother will come to visit us next Friday.
    C. Let us go for shopping, do not we?
    D. We should refrain from smoke at public places.

  1. What does the phrase ‘show one’s teeth’ mean?
    A. Laugh at Somebody B. To see a Dentist C. Threaten D. Go to the hell.

  1. What does ‘anecdote’ mean?
    A. A Set of Behaviors B. Mannerism C. A Short Story D. Anti-virus

  1. Which of the following conditional sentence is not correct?
    A. If you study hard, you will pass the exam.
    B. If you performed better, you could have won the match.
    C. If you had done the work, you could have received promotion to Senior Position.
    D. If you worked hard, you would receive bonus for Eid-ul Fitr.

  1. Which of the following spelling is incorrect?
    A. Accommodate B. Dumbell C. Conscientious D. Hierarchy

  1. Igotta’ go now. What does the word ‘gotta’ in the sentence?
    A. Obligation B. Urgency C. Flexibility D. Comfortability.
  1. The fight between two brothers erupted…… the affairs with a girl. What’s the best missing word here?
    A. On B. Of C. Over D. Under

Check Answer Key : 1.D 2. A-D (all) 3.D 4.A 5.B 6. A 7.B 8.A 9.A 10.C. 11.C 11.C 12.B 13.B 14.B 15.C.

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