Twitter To Introduce ‘Undo Send’ Feature

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Popular social networking platform Twitter Inc. is testing an “undo send” button aiming to give certain users some time to withdraw a tweet before post, reports Reuters citing the company.

The report said quoting a Twitter spokeswoman that the feature was being tested as part of the company’s exploration of how subscriptions could work on the platform, adding Twitter would be testing and iterating possible paid-for features over time.

Twitter has said it is working on paid subscription models, which would reduce its dependence on ad revenue, including a “super follow” feature to let users charge their followers for access to exclusive content which will launch this year.

In an apparent signal, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted an animation showing a tweet with a spelling error where an “undo” button was available before a short timer ran out.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has previously said the site would likely never have an edit button’, a feature users have long asked for.

But the platform has been introducing more prompts as users send tweets such as asking them if they want to read an article before sharing it, and experimenting with allowing people to revise a tweet reply before it is published if it uses harmful language.

The company reportedly included a possible ‘undo send’ feature in a user survey last year asking which features people would like to have available through a subscription model.

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