Try these Phrases ‘See something through, Shake something off, Cut down on something etc’.

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Phrases play an important role in helping one learn English better. If one has command over them, they will be able to deliver or make conversation finely and deeply. In today’s lesson, let us try some phrases that are applied often in both written and spoken English.

See something through
Meanings : To continue doing something until it is finished, especially something unpleasant or difficult. See the following sentences :
Example : 1. The French government announced that it would see through the planned pension reform and introduce it gradually alongside addressing public concerns.
1. We have decided to see through the project despite all existing headwinds (challenges) concerned.
2. Having arrived this far, I am determined to see through my project of providing better services to customers.

Shake something off
Meanings : Successfully deal with or recover from. Look at the examples below :
1. The government is trying to shake off all challenges to take the country forward.
2. Britain is still making attempts to shake off the effects of the global financial crisis.

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Cut down (on something)
Meanings : to reduce the amount of something. Look at the sentences below :
1. The Prime Minister has instructed the public servants to cut down on their foreign trips.
2. You need to cut down on the time you take to get ready for the office.
3. The doctor told my brother to cut down on his drinking for healthy lifestyle.

Take something away
Meanings : To buy food at a cafe or restaurant for eating elsewhere, especially in British use. Read the sentences below :
1. We yesterday ordered some fried items to take away for dinner at home.
2. Would you like to take these items away for lunch? Yes, I do.
3. Which items do you want to take away for the party?

Attention : English is a life-long learning process. There are lots of aspects in it of which one needs to have better understanding to learn it properly and profoundly. Well, if you like this item, then please share with friends and fellows on social media. For more related articles and items, keep browsing

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