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    TRY These PHRASES ‘Rip Apart, Shoot Down & In Tandem’

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    TRY These PHRASES ‘Rip Apart, Shoot Down & In Tandem’

    Planet desk | 19 November 2019 | 9:26 pm

    Learning English is a life-long process. In order to have a sound knowledge on the language, one needs to try every single aspects of it including phrases and idioms. In Today’s lesson, let us try some important phrases used in different situations and context.

    A. Rip Apart Something
    Meanings : To destroy something completely, particularly by tearing it into pieces. See the examples below :
    1. At least 7 pedestrians died when a gas pipeline blast ripped apart a house in the port city of Chattogram, Bangladesh.
    2. An explosion yesterday near the USA Consulate in Kabul ripped apart a residential building, claiming 5 lives and injuring many others.
    3. My daughter has just ripped apart her toy train by throwing it down off the rooftop.


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    B. In Tandem
    Meanings : One behind another, alongside each other. Look at the sentences below :
    1. Two unknown persons sneaked into the office in tandem.
    2. Please allocate us two seats in tandem, ok.
    3. Two speedy buses are following each other in tandem.

    C. shoot someone/something down
    Meanings : crush someone or their opinions by forceful criticism. Look at the sentences below :
    1. Director General of ISPR, Pakistan has shot down rumors of a grave division between civilian govt. and the powerful army.
    2. Autocrat governments worldwide always try to shoot down public opinions on various issues.

    D. Partake (it’s a single word, not a phrase)

    Meanings 1 : Join in something, particularly in an action or activity. Look at the examples below :
    1. Representatives of different educational institutions including VC’s of 10 universities have partaken a workshop titled ‘formation of university rankings and their methods.’
    2. About 100 garment units are partaking the annual textile fair to be held next month at the International Conference Center on the main avenue.

    Meanings 2 : eat or drink (something). Read the example :
    1. An unknown cat last night partook a whole bowl of milk.

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