Time Management Strategy For Students

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According to Forbes rich list 2019, American business magnate, investor, speaker and philanthropist Warren Buffet is the 3rd richest man in the world with a net wealth of 82.5 billion dollar. This successful businessman has one most inspiring quote for the people who seek success in their life as well. That quote is ‘the best investment you can make is in yourself’. Yes, you could take this as an inspiration for success. If one invests all his or her time, effort for self development and has confidence in self, then the desired success is destined to come to one’s life. So to be successful in life one needs to harness all of his or her time in a planned way. In the following I have discussed on how students in particular can make best use of the day’s time :
1. Plan prior night for next day : First make a solid plan the previous night for what to do on the following day. Make sure to stick to the plan at least 80 percent. That would be enough as this way once you would be able to fulfill a particular day’s plans cent percent. Good job done!

2. Get up early : In order to fulfill the set plans for a day, you need to get up as early as possible except for day breaks. If you can make it a habit then you will see that all are happening accordingly. That means you will witness whatever you planned the previous night will be going ahead in fine tune. By the way, you will be able to make time for yourself as well to do other things and relax.

3. Better use of outside school time : Outside school, college or university, you have plenty of time, haven’t you? Make maximum and better use of that time as your moving ahead at a desired pace or implementation of the plans attached to the day is closely related to it. So no way to squander away this huge amount of time.

4. Count every single second : As American inspirational speaker and author Eric Thomas says, ‘change your 24 hours and you will change your life.’ Truly said as success depends on the best possible use of the 24 hours of a day. For success and keep plans implemented accordingly, you need to take into consideration every single moment of the day. Therefore you need to stay focused on what you plan and do.

5. Compensate schedule miss : Not like that you will be 100 percent able to stick to the plans. In that case, if one schedule for a particular plan is missed, then must try to compensate it with fresh schedule. It may be within the day which will be the best or any other day. Otherwise your plans for the following day will get messed up and your discipline life will fall into chaos.

6. Set aside some time for relaxation : Making best use of the 24 hours a day does not necessarily mean that there’s no need of entertainment or relaxation for students. It’s of course necessary for overall betterment of their lives. So as students, you should keep aside some time from a day to be spent it for your relaxation and entertainment which is an essential part of life. During the time, do or have activities like watching movies at home with other members of the family or going to theater, playing sports, going out with friends etc. that will surely help boost your mood and give you extra energy for studies.

Final words : The part of life as student is extremely vital as this builds the base of your whole future time. So you cannot afford to waste away this key part of life. Put up all efforts to make student life a successful one which in turn will shape your life.

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