‘The Things To Do’ To Stay Happy

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Life is full of happiness, despair, struggles and difficulties. You may sometimes go with only happiness in your life. Again, you may fall into problems and hopelessness situation. But if you want to move forward with this valuable life then you have to learn how to cope with both the situations. Who having this knowledge and learning can well go forward in their life. And who can’t, fall into difficult state and stumble in every step of their life.

Besides, to be happy in life one needs to avoid certain things. Very recently late African American Nobel winning author Toni Morrison suggested (1931-2019) 9 things— complaining, limiting beliefs, blaming others, negative self talk, dwelling on the past, resistance to change, the need to impress others, the need to always be right, the need for other’s approval— for us to get rid of for happiness. To get the full pleasure of life, every human being should follow certain things. Otherwise, life can turn into a hell rather a happier one. As Toni Morrison once said, ‘If you wanna fly, you got to give up the shit (depressing things) that weighs you down’.

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