Taslima Nasrin’s Literary Works, Controversy & Current Status

The novel is a sequel to her another controversial fiction 'Lajja'

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Taslima Nasrin (61) is a controversial Bangladeshi author & women’s rights advocate who is living in New Delhi, India in exile. Some of her literary works have sparked controversy among Muslim community in the country and beyond.

Brief Biography of Taslima Nasrin :

According to Wikipedia, Taslima Nasrin (61) is a Bangladeshi-Swedish writer, physician, feminist, secular humanist, and activist. She is known for her writing on women’s oppression and criticism of religion because some of her books are banned in Bangladesh. She has also been blacklisted and banished from both from her birthland Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal.

She gained global attention by the beginning of 1990s owing to her essays and novels with feminist views and criticism of what she characterizes as all “misogynistic” religions. Nasrin has been living in exile since 1994, with multiple fatwas calling for her death. After living more than a decade in Europe and the United States, she moved to India in 2004 and has been staying there on a resident permit long-term, multiple-entry or ‘X’ visa since.

After high school in 1976 (SSC) and higher secondary studies in college (HSC) in 1978, she studied medicine at the Mymensingh Medical College, an affiliated medical college of the University of Dhaka and graduated in 1984 with an MBBS degree.

Of personal life, she so far performed three marriages with none valid now meaning she got divorced from all of them.

Taslima Nasrin’s Novels :

She has penned a number of books. Some of them are below :

Oporpokkho (The Opponent), 1992.

Shodh, 1992. ISBN 978-81-88575-05-3. Trans. in English as Getting Even.

Nimontron (Invitation), 1993.

Phera (Return), 1993.

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Lajja, 1993. ISBN 978-0-14-024051-1. Trans. in English as Shame.

Bhromor Koio Gia (Tell Him The Secret), 1994.

Forashi Premik (French Lover), 2002.

Brahmaputrer pare (At the bank of Brahmaputra river), 2013

Beshorom (Shameless), 2019

Short stories

Dukkhoboty Meye (Sad girls), 1994

Minu, 2007

To know more about her life and works, one can visit her personal website :


Notably, Taslima Nasrin’s novel ‘Besharam’ has been published in Hindi.  The Hindi edition of the novel was launched on 12 January at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2019.

The novel ‘Besharam’ is a sequel to her another controversial fiction ‘Lajja’ (Shame in English).  Indian Rajkamal Prakashan is behind the Hindi edition of the novel.

Utpal Banerjee, a distinguished professor of the department of molecular, cell and developmental biology at UCLA, translated the novel from Bengali to Hindi.


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