Some Common Phrases Used In Casual Conversation

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Phrases are an important part of English language. If you want to learn the language well and speak well, then you have to learn lots of phrases. These group words play a vital role in having command over the language. Let us learn today some phrases used frequently in casual conversation :

A. Take Someone or Something Along
Meaning 1 : To take someone or something along to a place with self. See the example :
1. You can take me along if you want.
2. Can I take my daughter along to the shopping?
3. Yon have to take some books along on the trip abroad next week.
4. Can I take you along to the cinema tonight?
5. One important announcement : All invitees can take one guest along to the party being held tonight at Westin Hotel Dhaka.
6. The rape victim have taken all his family members along to the police station to file a case against the perpetrators.

B. Squander Away
Meanings : just waste carelessly or in a negligent manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between the words. Look at the sentences below to know the meanings better :
1. Don’t squander away the valuable 24 hours a day.
2. If you squander away student life, then you will have to suffer during professional life.

C. Up In The Air
Meanings : (of a plan or issue) yet to be settled; unresolved, In doubts etc. Let us see the examples below :
Example : French football club PSG’s Brazilian footballer Neymar’s future is up in the air now.
2. The fate of Rohingya repatriation is up in the air now.
Similar words : uncertain, unknown, unsettled, unsure, pending, in the balance etc.

D. Come Out Of One’s Shell
Meanings : to be or become less shy or reticent (shy, reserved, introverted) and become more sociable, outgoing or enthusiastic. See the examples :
1. Bollywood’s new celebrity couple Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan have finally come out of their shell and made public their relationship for the first time.
2. Nowadays more and more introverts are just coming out of their shell in order to cope with the ever changing social situations.
Meanings 2 : To become more friendly, social. Please take a look at the sentences :
1. The two rivals have gradually come out of their shell putting aside all their hostilities and differences.
2. My friend, you just need to come out of your shell towards building a successful career.

E. Keep Something Under The Wraps
Meanings : keep secret or concealed. Let’s be clear looking at the examples below :
Example : 1. Dhalywood actors Sakib khan and Bubli have been able to keep their romantic relationship under the wraps for quite a long time now.
3. At office, always try to keep personal matters under the wraps.

Note : Phrases are quite difficult to keep in the memory yet they are easy. So practice routinely that over time you can have a skill in their usages. Good luck with your learning!

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