Simply Enrich Your Vocabulary

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Every single word carries vast role in the ocean of words. If you want to have a good command over English or any other language, then there is no alternative to enriching your word store. Be it admission test, recruitment exam or simply everyday conversation, vocabulary holds an important and incomparable role. So per day one must try to learn several words and practice them seriously.
1. Withhold (verb)
Meaning 1 : Refuse or deny to give something wanted by others
Examples : 1. According to a new survey, majority Americans believe that their government intentionally withholds vital info from the public.
Synonyms : hold back, keep back, stop.
Meanings 2 : suppress or hold back something like emotion or reaction.
Examples : 1. The child started crying after failing to withhold its emotion on seeing its mother with a long break.
2. My father could no longer withhold his anger after I had made a big mistake in doing the assigned work.
3. Finally she failed to withhold her tears over failure in the exam.
Synonyms :  suppress, repress, fight back, choke back, swallow, control, keep in check, check, restrain, contain.
2. Reverse (verb)
Meanings 1 : move backwards.
Examples : The bus reversed into a river by the road.
Synonyms : back, go back/backwards, drive back/backwards, move back/backwards, send back/backwards.
Meaning 2 : change something completely.
Examples : 1. My son, please reverse the counting.
2. Reverse what u have expressed already in the heat of anger. Otherwise you will get punishment.
Synonyms : alter, change.

3. Dirt cheap (adverb & adjective)
Meaning : extremely cheap.
Example : Living cost in Malaysia is dirt cheap.

4. Note (verb)
meanings 1 : notice or pay particular attention to (something).
Examples : 1. Kidnapping rumors are doing the rounds on social media nowadays. Under this situation, everyone should note the matter and be aware.
Synonyms : bear in mind, consider, observe, take into account/consideration, take note of something, listen to something etc.
Meaning 2 : record (something) in writing.
Example : please note down this e-mail address in a diary.
Synonyms : write down, put down, take down, mark down, inscribe, mark, record, register etc.

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