Sheikh Russel Padak 2022 : Application Deadline July 9


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Application for ‘Sheikh Russel Padak 2022’ is now open with online application process beginning from June 10 and ending July 9, 2022.

Application Link for Sheikh Russel Padak 2022 :

Sheikh Russel Padak Participation Rules :

Interested persons and institutions need to maintain the following rules while applying for the Padak 2022 :

1. Have to submit all required documents in support of them.

2. Activities, by participating person or organization, considered for the Padak must be done over the past three years–2019, 2020 and 2021.

3. In case of applicant being an institution, application must be submitted or done in name of the organization self.

4. In submitting application, applicants need to maintain ‘Sheikh Russel Padak Guidelines 2022 (Draft).

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Necessary Link :

For details information, one needs to visit the following websites :, and

Attention :

For additional information, one needs to have a look at the circular regarding Sheikh Russel Padak 2022 provided in the below image :

Sheikh Russel Padak 2022 Circular : Sheikh Russel Padak 2022 Circular

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