Meanings of the Word Posterity : Synonyms, Antonyms, Uses with Examples  

The word ‘Posterity’ means ‘all future generations of people’ or ‘all the people who will exist in the future’. It simply means ‘future generations’ or even ‘the future’.

Posterity is a noun meaning ‘future generations.’ These people of the future could be your children and great-great grandchildren, or any people who are born after you.

Meaning 1 As Noun :

‘All future generations of people’. See the sentences provided below :

  1. Let us make the earth better for our posterity.
  2. The authority needs to record victims’ names for posterity.

Meaning 2 as a Noun (Archaic or Ancient use) :

It means ‘the descendants of a person’. Look at the examples below :

  1. God offered Abraham a posterity like the stars of heaven.

Posterity Synonyms (Similar words) :

There are several synonyms to the word ‘Posterity’. Of them are future generations, succeeding generations, those who come after us, the future etc.

Synonyms for Posterity : 

These are also the synonyms to the word ‘Posterity’ : breed, brood, children, descendants, family, heirs and lineage.


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Some PAA’S (People Also Ask) Regarding Posterity : 

How to Pronounce Posterity?  

As a noun, you need to pronounce it as /pɒˈstɛrɪti/ (put ‘stress’ in the second syllable ‘ste’).

It Sounds like po-steh-ruh-tee.

How do you say in the future professionally?

There are several words to express this like Henceforth, from this point forward, from this time forth. hence, hereafter, in the future etc.

What is the plural of posterity?

The word ‘Posterity’ is usually uncountable. Well, you can use ‘posterities’ as its plural form. In this case, posterities mean ‘All the future generations, especially the descendants of a specific person’.

How do you use posterity’s sake or the sake of posterity in a sentence?

Look at these sentences to get the uses of ‘Posterity’s sake’ :

  1. For the sake of posterity, it’s a good idea.
  2. For posterity’s sake, the high jinks and low humor were documented extensively on social media.

For the sake of posterity Meaning :

If you save something ‘for posterity,’ you’re hoping that years later people will appreciate it. See the below sentences :

  1. Let us save money for the sake of posterity or posterity’s sake.
  2. We should turn to renewable energy sources for posterity’s sake.

What is Economic Posterity?

what does that even mean? Posterity is a noun meaning future generations. If we all had the opportunity to invest economically in the generations that follow after us, wouldn’t we desire to provide some level of financial security?

What is a synonym for moving forward?

A few synonyms are ‘enterprising, go ahead, graduated, ongoing and up-and-coming. 

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