Now Air France Cutting Huge jobs Over Corona

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Following the footsteps of Airbus, now Air France has taken decisions to downsize 7,580 jobs out of the crisis made by the novel coronavirus pandemic. The company said in a statement July 3, providing a huge blow to the French aviation industry.

Earlier on June 30, Airbus announced that it would cut 15,000 jobs globally, including 5,000 in France. Two airlines in the country have chosen to shed jobs in quick succession out of the fallout made by the virus.

Air France in the statement said it will cut 6,560 jobs at Air France (out of a current total of 41,000) by the end of 2022. At least 1,020 jobs will be axed over the next three years at HOP!, Air France’s subsidiary low cost domestic carrier, out of 2,420 current positions.

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Nearly 3,700 of the cuts can be achieved through normal departure of staff, mainly due to retirement, added the statement.

The airline has already received 7 billion euros ($7.9 billion) from the government as a support to tackle the crisis. But as per the company statement, the amount would not be enough to get over the difficulties in long term. Therefore it has gone for job cuts to survive in the market. Source : CNN

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