Northern University Declares 18 Crore Incentive Package for Students Amid Corona Crisis

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Northern University Bangladesh (NUB), one of the promising private universities in the country, has announced an incentive package of around Tk 18 crore for its students in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The university has come forward with the initiative to ease the financial burden of its current and new students, said a press release issued on June 1.

Under this special incentive programme, all students of the university will be able to meet their educational costs involving study equipment to internet data package and relevant others to ensure uninterrupted study.

The incentive packages will be disbursed or handed out the following manner to deserving students : 1. waiver of almost 100 percent of the tuition fees for the Summer Semester 2020 students infected by the Covid-19 or Novel Coronavirus 2. fresh students will get 20 percent discount on the full tuition fees and 50 percent discount on the admission fees including all other benefits and 3. all current students will receive 15 percent education incentive over Summer Semester 2020.

Besides the above benefits, all existing and new students will be able to pay the semester fees in 4 installments. The university will offer waiver of 15 percent or more of tuition fees for those who have been particularly affected by recent events or are in particular financial needs due to the global situation. In addition, the university will continue providing the normal need-based and merit-based scholarships being offered over the past.

Of the programme, Professor Dr. Abu Yousuf Md. Abdullah, Chairman of NUB Trust said, ‘Northern University had always been providing financial assistance to talent, indigenous students in different ways, particularly scholarships and other incentives. The special incentive package has been announced aiming the students who are facing budgetary difficulties due to the Corona disaster towards their continuous study.

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