Non Government Teacher Recruitment Circular 2021 Published

Online Application Process Starting April 4


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Third phase non-government teacher recruitment circular 2021 has been published with online application process getting underway from this April 4.

As per the circular, fifty four thousands three hundreds four teachers (54,304) in total will be employed at all non-government educational institutes including schools, colleges and Madrasas, both MPO & Non-MPO ones, across the country.

Application Link : Interested individuals can make applications through the following link at :

Requirements : According to the circular, interested persons need to meet the following conditions among others to be eligible for application :

1. Age being maximum 35 or less as of January 2020. But age requirement is relaxed for those who have passed NTRCA Teachers’ Registration Exams & have index numbers and those who have Teacher Registration Certificates obtained before June 12, 2018.

2. Registered under National Teachers Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) and enlisted under National combined merit list.

3. Holding necessary educational qualifications in line with the latest recruitment policies of Secondary & Higher Secondary Division of Education Ministry, Technical and Madrasa Education Boards.

Application Time : As mentioned earlier, online application process is set to begin from 10 a.m. April 4. And the process will continue till 12 p.m. April 30.

Things To Note : One single  applicant can pick more than one institutions as choice while applying. And the fee for application is Tk.100.

Fee Submission Time :  The application fee can be submitted by 72 hours since 12 p.m. April 30 meaning candidates only who received Application ID can submit the fee till 12 p.m. May 3 through SMS. For details on how to deposit the application fee, one can visit the following websites : and

Necessary Link : For further detail, one can see the non-government teacher recruitment circular 2021 at the following link :

Attention : For further details, please see the Non-Government Teacher Recruitment Circular 2021 in the below 3 images :

Third Non-Government Teacher Recruitment Mass Circular 2021 : 

NTRCA Non-Government Teacher Recruitment Circular 2021 page 1
NTRCA Teacher Recruitment Circular 2021 page 2
NTRCA Teacher Recruitment Circular 2021 page 3

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