Nigeria Reopens Federal Govt Schools from October 12

Sao Paolo begun mass covid-19 testing with the view of getting back students to schools

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Nigeria reopens all federal government schools from October 12 thanks to significant drop in novel coronavirus infections recently, said the education minister Adamu Adamu, reports Reuters.

According to official data, new Covid-19 cases in Nigeria have dropped considerably since the start of September which have driven the government to take the decision of reopening state schools.

But the date for getting back students to schools run by states and private owners will need to be fixed by the authorities concerned, added the education minister.

There are 104 federal institutions known as Unity colleges in the country which are financed by the central government.

As per data from Johns Hopkins University, there are now more than 59k confirmed corona cases with at least 1,112 deaths in Nigeria as of October 3.

On the other hand,  Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, has begun a mass Covid-19 testing program for public school employees and students, as Brazil’s largest city seeks to edge back to normalcy despite tens of thousands of additional coronavirus cases daily.

The city is planning to test some 777,000 people including students and teachers in three phases, a move which officials hope will allow the megalopolis to restart in-person classes.

In the first phase, 193,000 people will be tested, reports Reuters.

In the first phase of the testing program, workers from some 468 public health clinics will fan out over the city to administer tests over the period of 15 days.

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