National High School Programming Contest 2021 : Rules & Registration Link

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Online registration is going on for the National High School Programming Contest (NHSPC) 2021. The competition will be held online this year because of the covid-19 pandemic. So participating students will be able to get themselves involved in the competition from homes!

Registration Link : To take part in the programming and quiz contest, interested students first need to do registration through the following link at :

National High School Programming Contest is being organized by the ICT Division of the Bangladesh Government and Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC).

Competition Rules : The programming contest has the following rules which participants need to maintain :

1. The contest will be held in two categories : Junior Category and Senior Category.

Junior Category : This category involves students from Class six to nine.

Senior Category : This group involves students from class ten to twelve and Poly-technique first and second year.

  1. The competition will have four stages—7 day preparation contest, Drill Competition 1, Drill Competition 2 and National Competition.
  2. The results from Preparation and Drill Competitions will carry no value for the National Competition.
  3. All registered students for the national level programming contest will receive an ‘Account Email’ through SMS from, which they need to keep to take part in the national level contest.
  4. The time and link to take part in all level competitions (Preparation, Drill 1 & 2 and National Competitions) will be found at this link :
  5. For Preparation and Drill Contests, students will need to use their own accounts.
  6. Problem set of the competition will be available in both Bengali and English.
  7. Participants will be allowed to use only C/C++ and Python programming language to solve problems.
  8. Participants’ computers must have internet connection over the period of the competition and one compiler or IDE such as Code block, Python etc. must be installed on them.

Note : For further details regarding the competition rules and regulations, students need to visit the following link at :

ICT Quiz Contest :

On the other hand, ICT Quiz Contest of the National High School Programming Contest will also be held at the same time. To attend the Quiz Contest, students need to register themselves through the following link at :

For further details on the ICT Quiz Contest, aspirants need to visit the following website as well :

Important Note : One student will be able to take part in just one of the contests—Quiz and Programming.

Necessary Link : To get more details on the competition, interested students can visit the following two links : and

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