Myriad Meaning : Synonyms, Antonyms, Uses with Examples in Sentences

Myriad As A Noun Means 'A Countless or Extremely Great Number of People or Things'

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You can use the word ‘Myriad’ as both Noun and Adjective. But you often employ it as noun in sentences. As a noun, the word myriad means ‘a very large number or quantity of something’. Please read on to find more uses or applications of the word ‘Myriad’.

Myriad Meaning as Noun :

It means ‘A countless or extremely great number of people or things’. Look its uses in sentences below :

  1. Russia faces ‘a myriad of question over the justification of its war in Ukraine’.
  2. Japan has still ‘a myriad of islands to explore’.
  3. There’s ‘a myriad of questions for China to answer’ regarding the origin of Covid-19 virus.
  4. Our university offers ‘a myriad of subjects or programs’ for students to choose.

Attention : Try yourself to make more sentences this way with the word ‘Myriad’. Then your learning will surely last. Remember, Myriad as a noun is usually followed by the preposition ‘Of’ when it means ‘a very large number or amount of something’.

Myriad Synonyms (as Noun) :

There’s a long list of synonymous words for the word ‘Myriad’.

Here’s a few of them : oodles of, multitude, a large/great number/quantity, a lot or lots of, scores, mass, crowd, throng, host or a host of, droves, horde, army or an army of, legion, sea or a sea of, swarm, loads, masses of, stacks of, tons of, hundreds of, thousands of, millions of, billions of etc.

Myriad Meaning as Adjective :

As an adjective, the word ‘myriad means ‘countless or extremely great in number’. Look the sentences below :

  1. People in low-income countries face ‘myriad sufferings’ amidst deteriorating inflationary situation.
  2. Visitors to Dubai usually gaze at the ‘myriad lights of the city’ ( a very large number of lights).
  3. People in Ukraine regularly face ‘myriad missiles’ launched by Russia in its ongoing war.

Myriad Synonyms (as Adjective) :

Here’s a few of synonymous word for ‘myriad as an adjective : innumerable, infinite, numberless, unlimited, untold, limitless, unnumbered, immeasurable, multitudinous, numerous, manifold, legion, many, various, sundry, diverse, multifarious.


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Important PAAs (People Also Ask Questions) Regarding Application of the Word ‘Myriad’ :

Is myriad a singular or plural noun? (What is the plural of myriad?)

Of course, Myriad is a singular noun. But it has plural form also which is ‘Myriads’.

Singular and Plural History of Myriad : When the word ‘Myriad’ first appeared in English, it was always plural and followed by of, such as many myriads of ships, men or women. Then, in 1609, the singular form of myriad was first used, followed again by of. This allowed for the uses of phrases like a myriad of bubbles, balls or people etc.

Attention :  Remember, when the word ‘Myriad’ is used in a sentence, the preceding or following verb (both auxiliary & main verb) must be singular, regardless of the subject being singular or plural. See the uses in the sentences below :

  1. ‘A myriad of people is’ expected to gather at the rally held in the city center.
  2. There ‘is a myriad of choices’ for you to choose from in our shop.

Again, when you use the plural form ‘Myriads’, then you need to go for the opposite! Look at examples below :

  1. ‘Myriads of people are expected’ to be present at our annual gathering next month.
  2. Myriads of questions are being raised over the imposition of sanctions against Russia for its war in Ukraine. (just for an example!)
  3. ‘Myriads of products from around the world are put on display’ at Dubai International Exposition every year.
  4. There ‘are myriads of reasons’ for IAEA to believe that Iran is constantly trying to avoid international sanctions imposed for its uranium enrichment program.

Myriad Antonyms (What is the opposite of myriad?)

There are a number of antonyms for the word myriad. A few of them are the followings :

bounded, calculable, countable, limited, measurable, enumerable, numberable etc.


How to Pronounce Myriad?

You should pronounce it as /ˈmɪrɪəd/ (put ‘stress’ on the first syllable ‘my’). That’s how this word is pronounced.




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