Missouri University Applies App for Ensuring Students’ Attendance

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Students’ regular attendance in class is generally thought a good side of their good grades in exams. To make sure that, educational institutions take various measures. Now with that purpose in mind, the University of Missouri in the USA is applying an app to students. The authority is making new students download the app called ‘Spotter’ which is tracking their entry and exit from classes through their phones GPS.

The app has a range of sensors and connects students to campus WiFi via their smartphones and thus allowing university authorities to see when students are taking entry into classrooms and leaving them. In other words, the app gathers data when a student passes the doorstep of a classroom to maintain a record whether they are entering or leaving.

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Though this technology draws criticism from several quarters, the university authority claims that the app, first introduced in 2014, will improve students’ performance.

To mention, University of Missouri is not the only university in the USA that is using the app. Thirty other educational institutions across the USA are using the app as well. Source : Mail Online

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