Mission English : Meanings & Usages Of ‘Sign Up’

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Phrasal verb is an important aspect of English language. As part of our ‘Mission English’ campaign, we have today put up the meanings and usages of a phrasal verb ‘Sign Up’. 

Meanings & Usages Of Sign Up :

A. Commit self to a period of activity such as a job, workshop, seminar, training, interview etc. Look at the sentences below : 

1. If you want to attend the UK education fair, you have to sign up for it in advance.

2.  I have already signed up for the seminar on ‘AI and The Future Of Workplace’, planned to be held in the middle of the year.

B. Strike or have a business deal (with someone or agency or organization). See the examples below : 

1. Social media giant Facebook has just signed up with some German media companies for news contents for its local project ‘Facebook News’.

2.  The government has signed up with the European Union with the aim of exporting more garment items to the region and earn more foreign currency.

C. Formally recruit or employ people for work or some purposes. Look at the sentences given below : 

1. The government is going to sign up a host of people for the new project on tackling climate change.

2. The participants of the International Trade Fair, scheduled to be held from July, have already stared signing up young people to work as volunteers.

Final Notes :  If you want to learn English better and in-depth, then you must need to have deep knowledge on phrasal verbs. But don’t forget, you must have knowledge on how to use them as it is equally important. Good Luck!


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