Mission English : Meanings & Usages Of ‘In Parallel’

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English is a very easy language to learn. But there is no àlternative to being continuous in learning it. Every day one must give some time in their learning English endeavor if they want to learn the language well and sound.

We regularly put up some aspects of English like vocabulary, grammer, uses of them for our readers under the title ‘Mission English’.

In today’s lesson, we have discussed different meanings and usages of the phrase ‘In Parallel‘.

Different Meanings of ‘In Parallel’ and Their Usages : 

A. At the same time, Together. (Two or more things happen). Look at the sentences given below : 

1. The construction works of both the road and rail links over the mighty Padma River are in parallel. (Meaning going on at the same time).

2. Development activities in the country are in parallel to its economic growth. (Meaning these two go hand in hand).

B. Two things that are going the same distance and direction from each other. See the examples below :

1.  The road bridge and the rail bridge over the Meghna river are in parallel (to each other).

2.  The two buses are running in parallel to each other on two separate lanes on one side of Dhaka-Bhanga Expressway.

Final Note :  Learning or knowing the meanings of any word or phrase is not enough to learn it properly. Having knowledge on the usages of it is equally important. So please look carefully how the phrase ‘In Parallel’ used in the above sentences and practice them on a routine basis.



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