Mission English : Meanings & Usages Of ‘Contingent’

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We regularly put up important lessons for readers as part of campaign ‘Mission English’. Toady we have provided meanings & usages of the word ‘Contingent‘ to help you learn English in effective ways.

Meanings and Usages of ‘Contingent’ :

A. ‘Pending’ meaning something will happen if something else does. Look at the sentences below :

1. The reopening of schools and colleges is contingent on vaccination drive for school staff and students above 18.

2. The launching of a new series of product is contingent on the effort by all involved in the whole process.

B. Contingent mean ‘subject to Change’ : see the examples below :

1. The planned moving ahead of the event is contingent on the availability of the guests invited.

2. My next visit to the UK is contingent on the overall situation regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country.

C. Contingent means ‘Dependent on’. Lool at the usages of it in the following sentences : 

1. The Los Angeles County in California, USA plans to resume in-person classes. But the whole plan is contingent on the approval from the school board.

2. Public universities in Bangladesh intend to resume all educational activities in person. But it is entirely contingent on the green signal from the government.

Final Notes : The word ‘Contingent’ is always followed by the preposition ‘on’ like ‘Dependent on’. You need to remember that. Keep practicing through making sentences with the word ‘Contingent’. Good Luck!

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