Mission English : Learn Some Important Phrases

Phrase plays in important role in  learning English properly & profoundly. Under our campaign ‘Mission English’, let us have knowledge on usages & meanings of some common phrases.

A. Churn Out Something

Meaning : to produce something without much thought and in large amounts. See the examples below : 

1. Universities in Bangladesh, both public and private, churn out 22k CSE graduates every year but not majority of them are skilled when it comes to job market.

2. Media outlets in Bangladesh are just churning out journalists but they mostly lack ethics.

B. Throw in the towel 

Meaning : To abandon a flight, admit defeat. See the examples provided below : 

1. Bangladesh have just thrown in the towel in the first T-20 international against New Zealand.

2. Never throw in the towel in your journey toward career.

3. If you throw in the towel at the very beginning, you will never be able to get success in life.

C. To embark on something 

Meaning : To Begin something that will take a long time or happen for a long life.  See the examples given below : 

1. My younger brother has embarked on a business that deals with consulting students on going abroad for higher study.

2. Some young talents in Malaysia have embarked on career in politics.

D. To follow up on something 

Meaning : To take appropriate actions about something. See the sentences provided below :

1. You have to follow up on new year resolutions in order to realize them.

2. Rich countries in the World need to follow up on vaccine promises that they made to the poor nations in order to get the globe free from the novel coronavirus.

Hush-hush (adjective) : 

Meaning : secret, highly secret or confidential. See the examples below :

1. I can not talk about in details on the matter. It is all hush-hush.

2. Why are you so hush-hush on the issue that is already familiar to almost all.

Final Note : Knowing the meanings of phrases is not enough. You need to have knowledge on how to use them also in your learning English effort. So practice them as much as possible. Good luck!




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