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    Men Are More Competitive Than Women

    Study finds men are more competitive than women. Pic : collected

    New Study Finds

    Men Are More Competitive Than Women

    Planet Desk | 16 October 2019 | 10:32 pm

    Competitive characters are usually found both in men and women. Both the sexes demonstrate some sort of competitiveness when it comes to any competition. But who are more competitive between them? A new study has found the answer to this question. The research has shown that males are more competitive than females and they are more likely to do damage to their opponents.

    The experiment is carried out by a team of researchers at Bonn University in Germany. The results of it are published in the journal Experimental Economics.

    The researchers in the study have found that competitions cause some unethical behavioral changes in both sexes. However, men are found more likely than women to resort to doing sabotage to competitors. They overestimate the threat level against them from opponents by fearing that someone will do it to them first. In contrast, women assess the risks from opponents realistically and accurately. As a result, they are less aggressive regarding competitions, finds the study. Source : Mail Online

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