Meanings Of In Advance & In Advance Of : Their Uses, Synonyms, Antonyms

The Phrase 'In Advance' Means 'Ahead In Time'.

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‘In advance of’ is a phrase of the word advance. The phrase simply means ‘before or ahead of (something or someone) or ‘at an earlier time’.

In other words, if we say ‘in advance of (something), it means ‘before a particular time or ‘before doing a particular thing or task’. And the phrase ‘in advance’ means ‘ahead in time’ or ‘at an earlier time’. 

In Advance Of and In Advance Examples : 

To get a clear understanding on the uses of the phrases, you need to read the sentences below :

  1. I will inform you in advance if I visit you tomorrow. (Here ‘in advance’ means at an earlier time in the run-up to tomorrow).
  2. The event is scheduled to take place from April 12 to 15. So we will begin our journey two days in advance (of the event). (Here ‘two days in advance’ means two days before the event begins).
  3. As per the recruitment policy, anyone thinking to leave the job have to inform the authority in advance of tendering resignation.
  4. If you would like to travel in business class, then you have to book weeks in advance.
  5. If you want to take access into the hall, you have to arrive in advance of 10 am (Meaning you need to arrive at an earlier time before 10 am).
  6. Usually we take bookings for tickers two weeks in advance of (flight). 
  7.  To take entry into the exam hall, you have to arrive half an hour in advance (half an hour before the specific time). 
  8. The film screening is set to begin at 9 pm. So the audience must reach in advance (of the time). 

In essence, the meaning of the phrase ‘in advance’ depends on the given or existing context.

For instance, if we say ‘one (1) week in advance’, it means ‘one week earlier before an event occurs or before something happens or before a particular date or time.’  Look at the following sentences :

  1. If you plan to visit us, then let us know one week in advance. (Meaning inform us 1 week earlier before the intended date or time you plan to make a visit to us).
  2.  The next date for IELTS Test is April 20. So I think you need to start preparation for the test at least two weeks in advance. (Meaning two weeks before the test date or the exam). 
  3. Please inform me about your decision at least one month in advance. 

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In Advance Synonym & Antonym :

Now let us talk about some synonyms or similar words to the phrase ‘in advance’.  There are a number of synonyms to the phrase. Of them are beforehand, earlier, before, sooner, ahead, advanced, ahead of, previously etc.

Well, there are some antonyms to the phrase ‘in advance’ as well. Antonyms to the phrase are late, behind, belatedly. Look at the sentences below :

  1. We finally got there with an hour late. 
  2. If you arrive late, then you will not get access into the exam venue.
  3.  If you do not work hard, then you will go behind in competition compared to others.

To sum up, for full understanding on the uses and meanings of the phrases ‘In Advance of’ and ‘In Advance’, you need to practice more. For that, you can make sentences as many as possible with the phrases. That way, the complexities regarding their uses will slowly go away and subsequently you will obtain sound knowledge about them. So practice, practice and practice!






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