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    Let’s Learn Today Some Hot Phrases

    Learning English and speak it fluently; Pic : collected from internet

    Let’s Learn Today Some Hot Phrases

    Planet Desk | 04 August 2019 | 4:29 pm

    English is a very simple language but learning it is not so easy. But if you have routine practice, patience and proper guidance then it turns quite easy to learn. Therefore you have to travel across all the aspects of this language. One of these aspects is phrase which plays vital role in both spoken and written English. If you have good understanding of it then your English fluency will definitely looks to be excellent. So why will you miss out on this important side of English? Let’s practice today some phrases widely used in our day to day communication.

    1. In (or out of) line with

    Meanings : in (or not in) alignment or accordance with or in or not in agreement with something
    Example : 1. His salary from the current job is well ‘in line with’ his expectations.
    2. The mayor’s opinion is not in line with (or is out of the line with) what the specialists are saying on the dengue outbreak in the country.
    3. The lifestyle of most students is out of line with what their parents instruct them to do.

    2. Hold on to something
    Meanings : Hold something tightly or carefully.
    Example : 1. Hold on to your mom’s hand so that you do not get separated.
    2. Hold on to the seat (that you don’t fall over) when the bus is on the turn or brakes.
    3. Please hold on to the bag.

    3. In case
    Meanings 1 : If it is true that or simply if mainly in American English.

    Examples : 1. You have to carry an umbrella during summer time in case it rains.
    2. Inform me prior in case you fail to attend the meeting. Ok
    3. In case you can’t come, give me a call please.
    4. Hold on to what I said in case you make mistakes in doing the job.

    Meanings 2 : stay prepared for potential future events.
    Examples : 1. Take some extra money in case new situations arrive.

    See the uses of other forms of in case :
    Just in case: 1. We will need to cook some extra food just in case we fall into hunger later in the day.

    In case is used with the past tense as well. Look at the examples below :
    2. The baby wore extra warm cloths in case it was colder.
    Uses of in case of:
    1. In case of adverse weather, the final match will be held on reserved day.
    2. In case of emergency, there is an exit at the back of the house.

    4. Tangled up in (something) 
    Meanings : involved in something bad or someone’s involvement in bad thing.

    Example : 1. Around 20 students are still tangled up in cases filed over the road safety demonstration in July last year in Bangladesh.
    2. Some government officials were tangled up in election engineering centering the last general election held in May in India.

    Note : Follow us regularly for more on phrases that help us learn English well. If you like this article then share with friends and fellows. Regularly browse out platform https://campusplanet.net for education and English related lessons. Good luck with your learning!

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