Learn Some Phrases Frequently Used In English

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Phrases play an important role in English learning. If one wants to attain a good command over the language, then there is no alternative to learning a sea of phrases properly. It enhances the quality of communication and shows one’s skills in the delivery of words. So every day you must try to learn at least one or two phrases in the process of acquiring command upon English. In today’ lesson, details of four phrases are given below :

A. Settle down

meanings 1 : To become quiet, calm or orderly.

Examples : 1. Children, please settle down.

2. Police in Hong Kong are trying hard to settle down things as much as possible.

3. Please come and visit us when things settle down here in Sudan.

Meanings 2 : To begin to live an orderly and steady life by getting a regular job, getting married, etc.

Examples : My elder brother has finally made a decision to get married and settle down with his life.

Meanings 3 :  To put oneself into a comfortable position.

Examples : 1. I decided to settle down in Paris for the night on my last leg of the tour to Europe.

2. My father settled down for the night at his younger daughter’s residence in Dhaka.

Meanings 4 : To become quiet & begin giving one’s attention to something

Examples : 1. My sister has finally settled down for her final year examinations.

  1. Our two colleague have quickly settled down to work after a brief argument over a trivial matter.

B. Round up

Meanings 1 : To find & arrest.

Example : 1. The police rounded up 30 people in  a cased filed over the arson on a residence in diplomatic zone.

Meanings 2 : To bring something or someone similar together in one place for a purpose.

Example : 1. We first need to round up some ideas to make the event a success.

  1. First round up the scattered ideas and then make an implementation plan.

C. At Once

Meanings 1 : immediately.  

Example : 1. Jammu and Kashmir’s special status had gone at once after the scrapping of article 370 from the Indian constitution on August 5, 2019.

Meanings 2 : at the same time; simultaneously.

Examples : 1. Computers can do many things at once.

2. We had a discussion on the appointment of new head coach for the national team and had lunch at once.

Synonyms : at one and the same time, at the same instant/moment, (all) together.

D. Put in

Meanings : spend or utilize or make use of something.

Example : 1. Billionaire Mark  Zuckerberg puts in 50 to 60 hours a week at his Facebook Headquarters.

2. Students must put in their study life fully so that they can make good results and in turn get success in life.

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