Learn English For Life : Some Interesting Phrases

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Phrases or idioms are surely important aspects of learning English in depth. If you want to learn the language well, then there is no way to leave them aside. In order to help your learning English effort, we are putting up today some frequently used important phrases under the campaign ‘Learn English For Life’.

A. Show One’s Teeth :

Meanings : To threaten, intimidate. See the examples below :

1. University students in Bangladesh, tired of being away from campuses for so long, are compelled to show the authorities their teeth to press home their due demands.
2. Former US President Donald Trump has shown top Republican leadership his teeth to keep the party reign in his hands.

B. Part ways with someone :

Meanings : To end a relationship; to leave each other, to disagree with someone over something. Look at the sentences given below :
1. Some attorneys parted their ways with President Donald Trump just ahead of the former President’s second impeachment trial.
2. Bangladeshi cricketer Nasir Hossain is under pressure as to whether to part ways with his newly married wife Tamima Tammi following the surface of her earlier marriage. canlı bahis siteleri
3. Kim Kardashian is set to part ways with husband rapper Kanye West as she has already initiated the process.

C. Learn the ropes :

Meanings : To learn how a particular task or job is done. Look at the sentences below :

1. Every fresh graduate has to learn the ropes of corporate culture to gain success in professional life nowadays.
2. Journalists now have to learn the ropes of technology to survive the ever-changing profession.

D. Ease up on something :

Meanings : To do or use less of something. Read the examples below :

1. I think you should ease up on watching television for better results.
2. Students in general must ease up on spending time on social media platforms.
3. A latest study by Australian researchers suggests easing up on coffee intake in order to keep heart healthy.

Final Notes : Just learning meanings of phrases is not enough to learn English. If you want to get deep understanding on them, you have to learn their usages as well as it is equally important. 

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