Learn An English Word Daily : Tentative

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Learning English is a continuous process. There is no shortcut to learn English. One has to practice it on a regular basis like building a wall by bricks by bricks. Being an important part of the process, vocabulary plays a vital role in getting a command over the language.

With this end, we have been putting up a word daily in order to help you with your learning English endeavor under the segment ‘Learn English Build Life’.

For you, we have put forward the following word :
Tentative (adjective) :

Meaning 1 : Something that’s not certain or fixed yet. Uncertain, Provisional.

Examples : 1. The tentative date for first year students admission process of the academic session 2021-2022 at Dhaka University is May 21. (meaning this date is not fixed or definite. It could be changed).

2. Tentative date for second phase mass vaccination of Covid-19 is February 24.

3. At the time of interview, candidates have to demonstrate all tentative certificates on their academic records. (meaning all relevant temporary academic papers if original or final not available).

4. Our visit to Cox’s Bazar this month is tentative. (meaning it’s not final or certain).

Meaning 2 : Hesitant, unconfident, cautious.

Examples : 1. My younger brother is a bit tentative of his new business initiative. (meaning not so much confident or hesitant of).
2. Our new boss made some tentative moves towards profits which did not happen ultimately.

3. You should not be tentative of your new steps when it comes to business.

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