KUET Job Circular 2021 : 22 Posts


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A KUET (Khulna University of Engineering & Technology) Job Circular 2021 is now open to fill up 22 posts including faculty positions. The last date to apply is November 15, 2021.

Vacancies In Numbers (Latest Circular ) :

The posts to which recruitment will be made are the followings :

Faculty Positions :

Associate Professors with Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Biomedical Engineering; Assistant Professor with the Depts. of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering; Lecturer with the Depts. of Materials Science & Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Institute of Disaster Management.

Officer Positions :

Principal Technical Officer with Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Assistant Engineer (civil) with Engineering Branch and Audit & Accounts Officer with Office of Comptroller.

Employee Positions :

Workshop Assistant with Dept. of Leather Engineering, Carpenter with Engineering Branch, Accounts Assistant with Office of Comptroller, Binder with Office of Exam Controller and Security Guard.

Vacancy In Number (Old Circular ) :

Faculty Positions As per Old Circular :

1: Professor Post : No. of post 1 at the Departments of Industrial Engineering & Management 2. Professor Post : No. of post at the Depart. Biomedical Engineering. 3 to 6 Serial No : Associate Professor Post : At the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Energy Science & Engineering, Building Engineering & Construction Management and Architecture with one post each. 7 to12 Serial No : Assistant Professor Post : At the Departments of Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, (Accounting) Humanities and at the Institute of Information & Communication Technology with one post each for each department. 14 to 28 Serial Number : Lecturer Post : At the Departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Urban & Regional Planning, Leather Engineering, Textile Engineering, Building Engineering & Construction Management, Architecture, Materials Science & Engineering, Chemistry and at the Institute of Environment & Power Technology with varying number of vacant posts.

Officer Level Positions :

  1. Deputy Exam Controller 30. System Analyst, exam branch 31. Programmer/System Engineer, Central computer Center 32. Assistant Register (legal) 33. Assistant Network Engineer, ICT Cell 34. Assistant Medical Officer 35. Assistant Programmer, Office of Exam Controller 36. Public Relations Officer 37. Fablab Manager 38. Assistant Technical Officer, Physics Department 39. Nurse (male/female) with one post each for all the positions.

Employee Positions :

  1. Fablab Operator 41. Data Entry Operator, ICT Cell 42. Network Technician/Hardware Technician (ICT Cell) 43. Technician, workshop 44. Technician, Depart. of Biomedical Engineering 45. Lab Assistant, Depart. of Civil Engineering 46. Auto-mechanics, Transport wing 47. Junior Technician, Depart. of Architecture 48. Work Assistant, Engineering Branch 49. Assistant Cashier, Office of Comptroller 50. Assistant Electrician 51. Pressman 52. Reprographic Operator, Central Library 53. Electrician Helper 54. Lab Attendant (CE- 2 post & BME-1 Post) 55. Office Assistant/Orderly (Office of Director (students’ Welfare) with varying posts for all the positions.

Requirements : All other information such as requirements, both academic & practical experience etc. can be found at this link (www.kuet.ac.bd/career).

Interested persons can find the requirements against their preferred posts in the images provided at the end of this article. So please keep reading or going down!

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How to Apply : Application must be made in prescribed form which is available at the following website :

Completed application forms must be emailed to the following address at :
[email protected].

Application Fee : Application fee for the posts under serial number 1 to 3 is Tk. 350, for posts under serial number 4 to 13, it is Tk.250 and for the posts under serial number 14 to 18, the fee is Tk. 150.

For details, one needs to look at the KUET Job Circular 2021 (Latest) which is available at the end of this article.

Attention : For more, one needs to see the Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) Job Circular 2021 provided at the end of this article :

Khulna University of Engineering & Technology Job Circular 2021 (Latest) :

KUET Job Circular 2021 (Latest)

Khulna University of Engineering & Technology Job Circular 2021 (Old) : KUET Job Circular 2021

KUET Job Circular 2021 Requirement (page 1) : Kuet-Job-Circular-2021-Requirement-page-1

Job Circular 2021 Requirement (page 2) : KUET-Job-Circular-2021-requirement-page-2

Job Circular-2021 Requirement (page-3) : KUET-Job-Circular-2021-Requirement-page-3

Job Circular-2021 Requirement (page-4) : KUET-Job-Circular-2021-Requirements-page-4

Job Circular-2021 Requirement (page-5) : KUET-Job-Circular-2021-Requirements-page-5

Job Circular-2021 Requirement (page-6) : KUET-Job-Circular-2021-Requirements-page-6

Job Circular-2021 Requirement (page-7) : KUET-Job-Circular-2021-Requirements-page-7

Job Circular-2021 Requirement (page-8) : KUET-Job-Circular-2021-requirements-page-8

Job Circular-2021 Requirement (page-9) : KUET-Job-Circular-2021-Requirements-page-9

Job Circular-2021 Requirement (page-10) :


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